The Imperial Freestyle Sidewhiskers Challenge 2006

Winning by a whisker is the British way

- but not by the hair of our chinny chin chins

Be Proud - Great Britain was and is Athens NOT Sparta

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Great British Ideas and Inventions

1. The "Zebra" Pedestrian Crossing

These represent the very essence of our civilisation and culture; a British invention that only works in Great Britain. Good manners, and good sense overriding class, age, fashion and money.

Just like our society, few can quite explain why they work, with little "official" enforcement - strangers co-operating for the greater good and maximum efficiency despite a very large "cheaters" advantage permanently built into the system.

2 The Ferguson System of "three point linkage

---feed the world.

3. Penicillin

4. Land Rovers

5. Television

6. Concord

7. Hovercraft

8. Working jump-jet

9. Tarmacadam

10. Sinclair C5 - someday all cars will look like this

11. Tea with milk

12. Underground railways

13. Stamps and modern pre-paid mail.

14. Macintosh, protective clothing systems

15. The American Constitution

16. Cricket

17. Association rules football

18 Vickers Super-Marine Spitfire

19 The Turin "bomb"

20 Satellite Communication

21 Magna Carta

22 Trumpton

23. The Church of England

24. The Ordnance Survey

25. The Mini


27 The Hawker Hurricane

28. The Davey Lamp

29. The Daleks

30. Dr Who

31.The Thames Embankment

32. Mars Bars

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 7:30 PMrys

35. Mass-produced soap

36. Plasticine

37. Subbuteo

38. Thermos Flasks

39. HP Sauce

40. Bird's Custard

41.Pilkington's flat glass process

42. Steam Engines

43. A Language that does NOT necessitate attributing a sex to inanimate objects such as tables and chairs.

44. The revival of democracy in Argentina since 1982.

45. The Sandwich

46. The Fat Controller

47. Train spotting

48. Public rights of way.

49. The RNLI

50. Harrison's prize-winning H4 longitude watch.

51. The NSPCC

52. The RSPCA

53. Beech Huts

54. The Plimsoll Line

55 The Driving Test

56. Gravity (or more precisely Sir Isaac Newton's Mathematical Principle's of Natural Philosophy)

57. Radio Detection Finding (RADAR)

58. The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.

58. The design, organisational structure, technical leadership, infrastructure and personnel of RAF Fighter Command 1936-1945.


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What we believe

Great British Ideas

The White Lion
Pipe Dreams

Prize Night Videos

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